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Workshop Descriptions

Nicole is available for workshops around the world.  She offers Pole Dance, Sensual Movement, Pole Conditioning & Life Coaching Workshops.  If you are a Studio Owner or student and would like to have Nicole host workshops at your studio then fill out the contact form at bottom of page.  View below for a full list of the workshops that I offer including in depth descriptions.  I am currently accepting bookings for 2020 and 2021!


Handsprings & Iron X Whisperer (Intermediate & Advanced)
Nicole’s students have deemed her the “Handspring Whisperer” as she can quickly teach anyone how to do a handspring or get them well on their way to accomplishing that arduous feat.  If you are struggling with your handspring, Nicole can quickly pinpoint all the areas that need to be corrected and have you on your way to being a Handspring Master.  Learn proper form, technique and execution for all the different handspring grips: Regular Grip, Cup Grip & Twisted Grip. We’ll also cover the infamous Iron X with (3) entry options and special techniques for getting into the move and holding it forever.  Nicole also incorporates her personal training background and starts the class with strength training drills to increase your strength and improve your technique for the handspring & Iron X. 
(Requirements: Must be able to invert mid pole, butterfly, extended butterfly, do a chopper meaning you can invert and hold legs in straddle. Must have attempted handspring before with an instructor or at least be able to kick up half way.)


Pour it Up, Pour it Up! (Intermediate & Advanced)
Learn all the fancy tricks that Nicole displayed in Rihanna’s Pour it Up Video and in her audition video that went viral with over 7 million views.  This class is full of show stopper moves and perfect for anyone who wants to wow a crowd.

Tricks learned in this class include: Nicole's signature Death Drop w/ push up toss, Ceiling Stand, Death Lay, Ayesha, Air Walk, Phoenix, Shoulder Mount variations, Knee Hold, Titanic, Illusionist and more.  
(Requirements: Climb, Invert mid pole, Superman & Shoulder Mount)


Inversions University (Experienced Beginner & Intermediate)

This class covers the most popular inverted tricks that are the foundation to all pole dance students. Learn how to improve your inversions, leg hangs, inverted tricks/combos & several professional ways to climb the pole. 

Tricks learned in this class include: Climbing variations, Superman variations, Ayesha variations, Shoulder Mount Variations, Brass Monkey, Butterfly, Ext Butterfly, Hip Hang, Crossed Leg Layback, Crossed Knee Layback, Jasmine, Chopper, and more. 

We'll also cover strength training exercises in the warm up to build abdominal & upper body strength to improve your technique and form for inverted skills.  This is also a highly recommended class for instructors to take to learn a variety of new techniques, physical & verbal cues to teach these foundational moves to their students as these moves are paramount to every students pole vocabulary & career.

(Requirements: At least 3 months consistent pole experience or strength to go upside down without assistance.)


No Basic Zone (Intermediate & Advanced)
You’re ready to play with the big girls & boys now.  Get ready to learn some super body twisting, high flying, death defying tricks and combos that’ll blow folks minds.  Highly recommended for all students/instructors who want to take their pole dance game to the next level.  
(Requirements: Invert to Inside & Outside Leg Hang Mid Pole, Climb, Shoulder Mount, Superman & Ayesha)

Nicole ThePole Signature Spinning Pole Combos (Intermediate & Advanced)
Learn some of Nicole’s favorite spin pole combinations.  Students will learn how to control their speed while climbing, how to properly invert and how to transition between moves with fluidity.  You’ll learn several pole trick combinations and how to transition out of your tricks gracefully.  We'll cover tricks that stay low to the ground and tricks that go up the pole & work their way back down.
(Requirements: Must be able to invert & climb the pole with ease).


Bomb Ass Combos (Experienced Beginner & Intermediate)
This class is all about making you look like a Bomb Ass pole dancer even though you’re still new to the sport.  It’s not the advanced moves that make a person look fancy, it’s more about the types of moves you do and the finesse in which you execute them.  We’ll take some of the coolest beginner & intermediate tricks and create some 60-90 second sequences while adding Sex Appeal, Flare, and Grace to make you a show stealer!
(Requirements: Minimum of 2 months experience in Beginner classes or higher and can climb)

Strip Tease/Exotic Dance & Twerkin’ (No Dance or Fitness Experience Needed)
This is one of Nicole’s most popular classes at her home studio.  In this class you’ll learn the art of sensual seduction and those mind blowing strip club stage tricks.  Learn several new ways to walk & crawl to your lover.  We’ll cover a wide range of seductive floor tricks, floor rolls, crazy leg tricks, booty isolations, twerkin, how to flow around the pole and use it as a prop. You’ll learn how to connect with your lover/audience with engaging eye contact and special movements that’ll draw anyone in. And most importantly how to take off you top and bottoms without looking crazy. (haha)  After this class you’ll be feeling more confident and able to give a memorable strip tease dance for your lover that’ll have ‘em yearning for more.

(Requirements: Wear 2 tops and 2 pair of shorts or shorts over leggings and platform heels. Wear knee pads and/or thick leggings. This is mandatory as we will be on our knees half the class. It will be painful without them & you’ll end up missing out on a lot of the lesson. Please Note: This is not a pole class which makes it open to everyone at any level.  I may only incorporate pole tricks in the choreography section if everyone in the class is the same level.

Twirly Girl Spin Pole (Intro & Beginner)
This class is for those that are new to the twirly world of Spinning Pole.  Students will learn how to control their speed and rhythm on spin pole and how to transition between moves with grace.  You’ll learn beginner pole tricks & combos & how to create beautiful lines with all your body party. We may even cover some easy to get into intermediate pole tricks based on fitness level of the students.

(Requirements: No prior pole experience necessary).

Intro to Pole for Pole Virgins & Beginner (No Experience Required)
This class is especially geared to students who have never taken a pole dance class or those who have only taken a few classes or need to get back in the swing of things.  You’ll learn a myriad of Beginner pole tricks and how to make them look graceful & fluid.  You’ll learn simple pole & floor work combos to make you look professional and how to do a basic pole climb.  You’ll leave this workshop feeling like a Sexy Pole Diva. 

(Requirements: No prior pole experience necessary).

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