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WARNING: "This is seriously about to be the best party and lesson that you didn't even expect.  Get ready for an experience that you and your guests will literally talk about for years to come and you'll have photos & videos to prove it.  I don't do the normal boring generic watered down lessons that other studios give to all their guests.
I find out what you and your guests really want to focus on, and I individually tailor the parties to meet all your needs.  I'll bring amazing energy to get everyone hype and feeling themselves. And if you have shy or less confident friends don't worry I have a special gift at helping people come out their shells to reveal their sexy alter ego.  Everyone will be oozing confidence, sexiness and feeling empowered at the end of your party. Period!"

~ Nicole ThePole 

Watch the videos below for some of the iconic music videos that you love and probably seen that you didn't know were Featuring Nicole ThePole. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Group parties & the rates below are for groups of 5 or more persons. If you have 2-4 persons then you will be considered a semi private lesson. Click here for those rates. 




Learn 3-5 beginner or intermediate pole spins that anyone can do even if you feel like you have no strength. Learn how to walk sexy with grace & sensuality, how to use the pole as a tantalizing prop and simple seductive floor moves to make your lover yearn for more.  I'll be teaching movements anyone can do no matter size, strength or fitness level. I can also include advanced moves if there are participants who have the strength or previous experience. And we'll finish up by putting everything you learned into a cute little routine. I'll also take care of capturing videos for your group.

(Weight limit for poles is 275lbs. If any guests are over this weight they can still learn all the other dance movements as well as some modified pole skills.)

This is the perfect non pole dance option for guests who don't feel inclined to get on the pole and who want to embrace their sensual side in other ways.  This lesson will bring out your femininity and help you feel sexy, empowered and confident. No dance experience needed as I'll teach everyone everything they need to know and make it easy and fun for everyone to learn.  I'll teach a mix of Sensual & Erotic Dance, Floor Work, Strip Tease, Twerkin & Booty Isolations. You'll learn several new ways to walk & crawl to your lover, seductive floor tricks, floor rolls, body waves, leg tricks, and more. You’ll learn the art of sensual seduction and some mind blowing moves you see in burlesque & strip clubs. You’ll learn how to create engaging eye contact and flirt using your body to turn your special someone on. 

This is another great non pole alternative and its a great option for in-home parties. No dance experience needed.  Learn some simple & easy dance sequences, strip tease, and how to dance on your lover using a chair or couch.  Get ready for sexy hip swinging, hair tossing, leg kicks & sexy ways to mount your mate. After this party, you'll be able to perform for your special someone later tonight or just put on a show for yourself to connect with your inner feminine. 
(Please note: In-home parties must provide the chairs/seating. It's okay if you don't have seating for each person as guests can take turns.) 


It’s your private party so dress up and get super sexy if you want to with lingerie, costumes or just wear regular workout clothes (t-shirt & shorts). 

Pole Parties: T-shirt and Shorts are highly recommended for being on the pole because you need your leg skin to grip the pole for spins and climbs. NO stockings or fishnets as it will effect your grip on pole.  If you're gonna wear leggings or yoga pants, make sure they are loose enough to adjust above the knees. 

Sensual Seduction & Chair/Lap Dance Parties: You can wear a tshirt and shorts, or leggings or loose fitting pants as we will be on the floor a lot. Stay away from super tight clothing that would restrict your movement and your twerkin.  Bring extra layers for strip tease (extra blouse, button up shirt, extra shorts or under garments that you can wear on outside of your clothes, leg warmers, etc). Bring knee pads if you have them. 

Heels or No Heels? It's each persons personal preference. You can do barefoot or heels. If you do choose heels, wear an old pair of platform heels. Do not wear your nice shoes as they can get scuffed up on pole or floor. 
DO NOT WEAR pointy toe pumps, wedges or strappy shoes that your toes may slip out of. 


  • NO oils or lotions on your legs or arms. Oils will make the pole slippery and you won't have good grip to do tricks. It's totally okay to be ashy for pole class. The lights will be dim and it's just us. No one is tripping. LOL. 

  • NO hand or wrist jewelry such as rings, watches & bracelets if you are doing a pole party as it will damage the pole surface and your jewelry. Earrings and necklaces are okay.

  • NO Feather Boas for in studio parties. We know they look great but unfortunately they make a big mess and are difficult to clean up after. They are okay for your in-home parties.


Important Notice: (Due to the current status of the Pandemic: In studio parties can only have a max of 8 guests. In home & on location parties can still have unlimited guests).

(Travel fee applies to in-home & on location parties. The rate is based on the actual drive time it takes me to travel to your appt from my location of zip code 90036.)

  • under 15 minutes - $25

  • 16 - 30 minutes - $50

  • 31- 45 minutes - $75

  • 46 - 60 minutes - $100

  • 61 - 90 minutes - $150

  • 91 - 120 minutes - $200

  • 121 - 150 minutes - $250


STEP 1: Choose from any Party Dance Options above: 
Pole Dance, Sensual Seduction or Chair & Lap Dance. 

STEP 2: Choose the amount of time for your party: 

The amount of time you need is based on amount of guests, the dance party options you choose and whether you are in studio or on location.  Max amount of 10 guests for in studio parties. On location parties can have unlimited guests.

(Due to the current status of the Pandemic: In studio parties can only have a max of 6 guests).

See my recommendations below to decide on time needed: 

  • 1 HOUR for up to 6 guests w/ 1 dance option.  If adding a 2nd dance option or wanting to learn choreography then you'll need 90 min.

  • 90 MIN for 7-12 guests w/ 2 dance options. 

  • 2 HOURS for groups of 10 or more w/ 2 dance options.

* MINGLE TIME for in studio parties: Mingle time is extra time for your guests that doesn't include any instruction. Only $50 per half hour. This time can be used for the host to arrive early and setup decorations, to enjoy light snacks & drinks before or at end of your lesson, take photos & videos, or for guests to change clothes & freshen up after your lesson if you have other plans afterwards.  

STEP 3: Choose your location (In-studio or on location):

In-studio: My private studio has (4) Static & Spin poles at 12 ft and you can have up to 10 guests max. For parties over 10 guests who still want to book with me; I recommend hosting the party at someone's home and I can bring a pole to setup. Or I can also rent from other dance studios in LA or North Hollywood. Client(s) is responsible for the additional studio rental fee and this amount will be added to your booking deposit. 

On location: 

  • I can host your party at your home, hotel, rental, or other offsite location. 

  • I am available to travel to any locations within 2 1/2 hrs drive time to cities such as Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego & Palm Springs.  

  • On location parties are a great option for larger groups who want to have a little more freedom and options when it comes to space, setup of food & drinks, excessive noise or if you're staying in a rental. 

  • You can also request up to 2 additional poles if available and if your space is big enough to do multiple poles. Additional pole setups are $50 each.  Addt'l pole rentals must be requested in advance.


Pole Setup Information for on location:

  • For on location pole parties I'll setup (1) Xpole with static & spin mode. The standard pole can be used on ceilings 7'6" up to 9ft. For ceilings over 9ft you will need to provide your exact ceiling height prior to booking so that I can make sure to bring the proper extensions to reach your ceiling height. Ceiling to floor Poles can go up to 12ft w/ extensions. 

  • I use Xpole professional removable poles. These are the same poles that I use in my studio and they can support persons up to 275lbs.

  • Poles can be used on carpet, rugs or hard floors and can be used on any hard flat ceiling, including stucco ceilings.

  • Indoor poles do not require any drilling/mounting or damage to your ceiling. I have been doing pole setups for over 13 years and they are really safe and easy to setup at any location.

  • For outdoor parties and locations with ceilings over 12ft, vaulted, slanted ceilings or drop tile ceilings; this will require a free standing pole stage which is an additional $75 charge for setup.  It is an additional $100 for a 2nd stage setup.  If pole stage is being used indoors, your exact ceiling height is needed. 

STEP 4: Read info below and CALL to inquire about your date and be ready to pay your deposit to reserve your party date & time. 

  • Phone calls receive fastest response time. My phone hours are 930am - 8pm PST.  Call (310) 343-9757 to check availability and leave a message if you get my voicemail.  I will call you back ASAP within my phone hours.  You can also use the contact form below but please understand emails may take up to 48 hours for a response.  If you send an email also follow up with a phone call.  If you are booking a last minute party or need info right away, I highly recommend calling as I may not see your email in time. 

  • In studio Parties can be scheduled 7 days a week between 9am - 10pm. On location parties can be booked up to 11pm. Any parties wanting to go past 11pm will require an additional $50 charge. 

  • It is best to book your party at least 3-8 weeks in advance to guarantee your date being available. Last minute reservations are totally okay but availability of course is reduced as I have a very busy schedule.  I do not accept bookings outside of 2 months.

  • The reservation deposit is $100 which is due the day you call to reserve your party date. On location parties with travel over 1hr require a $200 deposit.  Reservation Deposits can be paid via any pay apps listed below under Pay App Options.  See cancel/reschedule policy below before booking. 

  • Once I receive your deposit, you'll receive a text from me confirming your deposit was received. And within 72 hours you will receive a confirmation email and/or text with details about your party with info for you and your guests with location, parking options, what to wear, what to expect, etc. Please call or text me if you do not receive your confirmation email/text within 3 days of payment or else your party is not confirmed.

  • Your balance payment is due day of the party before start of party. (Cash or by any of the pay apps listed below). Please bring the exact amount for cash payments as I may not have change on hand.

  • Its highly recommend that you collect your balance from other guests the day before or earlier the day of so as not to delay your party start time.  Your party will not start until the full balance payment is collected so make sure all your guests are on time or the host should be ready to take care of the entire payment. No Exceptions!

Payapps for Payment

Venmo - NicoleWilliams2016

Cashapp - $NicoleWilliams2016

Paypal - Nicole@AllureDanceStudio.com

Apple Pay or Zelle - (310) 343 - 9757

*Be sure to put in the Notes section of payment form: your name, date and time of your party. 



  • There are absolutely no refunds on deposits if you cancel your party within 10 days of the party date. This also applies to last minute bookings who book their party within 10 days of their actual party date.

  • To CANCEL or RESCHEDULE a party you must notify me by (both) Phone & Email for proper record of your cancellation. Failure to cancel or reschedule by both methods will result in your deposit being voided and no refund.

  • Parties can be rescheduled if you give 72 hour notice by phone & email for proper record of your notification. The new party date must be scheduled within 3 weeks of original date and is based on instructor & studio availability.  You must receive an email response from me to confirm your rescheduled party.

  • If you are not able to schedule a new date within 3 weeks that meets instructor or studio availability, your deposit is void and no refund will be given. 

  • By booking your party and paying your deposit you agree to the cancel policy and terms above.


Send an Inquiry Request


Please Note: I highly recommend calling me first instead of using inquiry form for Party Request between the hours of 10am - 8pm as you're likely to get me right away. Calls will always receive faster response than emails. If I'm unable to answer your call, leave a detailed message and your call will be returned promptly during my phone hours.

Inquiry form responses can take up to 48 hours. Please follow up with a phone call if you do not get an email response or if you want to book a party that is within 14 days.

Unlisted/Blocked phone numbers and calls outside phone hours will go straight to voicemail.

(310) 343 9757

Thanks for submitting!

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