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Check out my recent article feature in the LA Times


Pole dance changed my life.

Here are 13 L.A. spots to try it for yourself


The pandemic led me to the pole.


Let me explain.

Prior to 2021, I had never been strong in my life. In fact, I was pretty damn weak. It was so bad that from the moment I booked a flight, I would start actively worrying about having to lift my carry-on into the overhead compartment by myself. As someone who is self-reliant in most other aspects of my life, that sense of physical helplessness felt embarrassing.

Like many people, the pandemic’s shelter-in-place mandate made me start to go stir crazy. That’s how I found myself considering doing something I had never given much thought to before: dedicating time, energy and money to fitness.

I started out by getting a basic gym membership with a friend. As long as I had an accountability partner to work out with, I was consistent. But once our schedules no longer aligned, I found myself returning to a sedentary lifestyle. Now that I knew how it felt to be strong, it didn’t feel as good to go back to having noodle arms. I tried to figure out a fun way to sneak in the workouts and decided to try a pole dance class on a whim.

Click below for full article and I'm listed as the first pole studio to try out!

Around LA with TK

excerpt from article: 

In addition to moving us to open up our minds to a more productive way of thinking about ourselves, she pushed us to open up our bodies to trust ourselves.

After the warm-up, Nicole could see that one of the girls was having a lot trouble with the very first move on the pole because she was holding onto it for dear life. Intuitively, the empathetic teacher said, “what are you afraid of?” When the student responded, with what seems Nicole already suspected, “falling,” Nicole playfully let her know that it wouldn’t be much of a fall, being that she was barely two inches off the ground.

We laughed. We exercised. We touched ourselves.

All three girlfriends that joined me for this class had never taken a pole class before, and they couldn’t stop going on about how great of an experience it was. If you’ve never even considered a pole class, you should. And if you have, but you haven’t taken a class with Nicole “The Pole” Williams, girl, you definitely should!

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