Nicole ThePole has 8 Instructional Videos to learn from for all levels from Brand New Beginners to Advanced.  These videos are not only for students but they are perfect for Instructors or those who want to become an instructor.  In these videos all the moves are broken down step by step to make it easy to learn and practice in the privacy of your own home or when you're at your local pole studio. You'll feel just like your in a class setting with Nicole and you'll learn all her cool verbal & physical cues for getting into all the hard to figure out tricks.  All of her students say she has the most amazing way of breaking down moves so that anyone can understand and she makes it fun and simple. 

The No Basic Zone

Nicole ThePole was one of the featured Pole Dancers from the Rihanna Pour It Up Music Video and her audition video went viral on Youtube in 2013. In this video series you'll be learning all the pole tricks Nicole did in her Pour it Up Audition video and the Official Pour it Up video.

All tricks featured in the No Basic Zone series are for Intermediate & Advanced students. You'll get to learn some of Nicole's signature tricks such as the Death Drop with Push Up toss, Ceiling Stand, The Death Lay, Phoenix, Titanic and much more.  This series also includes a Full Warm Up Section with Cardio Drills, Stretches & Strength Training exercises to get you ready for the pole.

Get Ready to Enter THE NO BASIC ZONE!!!

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Sexy Fitness Series

What's so great about this series?  It's jam packed with 6 Videos and 8-10 tricks per video.  You'll seriously learn enough moves to cover over a year of pole classes in less time and all for less than the price of a monthly unlimited package at a pole studio.  It's perfect for newbies, those who have never been to a pole studio, or you can be self taught learning from videos online or an experienced pole studio student.  Sometimes even with proper lessons, there still may be things you haven't been able to figure out or maybe your instructor hasn't been able to break it down in a way that you can comprehend.  I make it fun, simple and easy in my videos.  You'll learn correct technique, proper form, common mistakes to avoid and much more.  
These instructional DVDs are also great for Pole Instructors or students who want to become instructors in the future as you'll learn how to break down dozens of pole tricks & how to communicate the moves safely & effectively to your future students.

Click "Get the Download" button to view view the trailer video, pricing and to get a full list of all the tricks included for each video. 

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