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For quick & easy sign up, you can download our scheduling app from your app store for Android or Iphone.  

Search for "Allure Dance & Fitness Studio" or click the Button below based on your phone.

When creating your account profile you must use a valid email address & phone number to receive your confirmation email that includes important class details, directions to studio, parking info and to be notified of possible cancellations.





Want to schedule a class for a future date? 

* You can skip to future dates by clicking the word "WEEK or MONTH" and the Arrow buttons at the top of the schedule.  

* To read a full description of any class, click on the name of that class on the schedule.

* You must register online in advance to attend class.  There are no walk-ins. 
If you have any questions or trouble scheduling a class please CALL and leave a message if we miss your call. 

** If the schedule does not load below within 30 seconds CLICK HERE **


  • SCHEDULING CLASSES: Classes must be scheduled and paid for in advance.  You can Sign Up for classes via our phone app which is available on Android or Iphone, through our website or by phone.  There are No Walk-ins.  It's highly recommended that you schedule class several days or more in advance to guarantee a space in class.  We are a small private studio and only allow a max of 5 students per class.  

  • ARRIVAL & ENTRANCE: Our studio is located at the Broadcast Center bldg at 7660 Beverly Blvd. The entrance to bldg is on our cross street The Grove Dr. The lobby is located between 2 large wall water fountains.  The dial code to be buzzed in to the lobby is located in your class confirmation email that you will receive after signing up for class.  Have a seat in the lobby and the instructor will come down at start of class time to take all students up to studio at the same time.  This is a secured bldg and students are not allowed to use elevators or access studio without the instructor coming to get you.  If you have any trouble finding bldg or getting inside, call studio number at (310) 343 9757.  

  • BE EARLY: It's very important that you always plan to arrive 10 minutes before class start time to look for parking and get to lobby.  Be sure to map out your route in advance and the time it takes to get to studio and always add extra time to deal with possible traffic delays and the time it may take to look for parking

  • PARKING: There is limited parking in front of Bldg on The Grove Dr. You can also park in Broadcast Center leasing office/guest lot in any unmarked space. Do not park in "future resident" spaces before 6pm, after 6pm is okay.  A guest pass will be provided to you for classes before 6pm, no pass is needed after 6pm. There is 2 hr street parking on Stanley Ave/The Grove Dr. just north of Beverly. And there are 2 hr meters on Beverly Blvd, east of The Grove Dr in front of the park. Do Not Park at any 1 hr meters as your time will expire before your class ends and you may get ticketed. Always arrive 10-15 min early to look for parking.

  • NO LATE ENTRY: Once class starts there are no more entries and the instructor cannot leave to let anyone else in.  This is a safety issue and we ask that you respect both our instructors and other students by showing up on time.  We are very strict about this rule and we cannot make exceptions for any reason. Reminders are included online in all of our booking emails! 😉  If there is another class same day you may be able to attend if there is space.  Your class and payment will be void if you are late or miss class & there are no refunds if you miss your class.

  • CANCEL POLICY: You must give 6 hours notice by phone (always leave a message), send a text or cancel online by logging in to your account or your session & payment becomes void. We do not accept emails for cancels. No Exceptions.

  • Please note that when you sign up for classes you are agreeing that you have fully read and understand the studio policies.

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