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Europen Tour Dancer Audition Submissions

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Please watch the 2 videos below. 

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Hello and welcome to the Audition submissions page for the Snoop Dogg European Tour, September 2023.


* It's recommended that you do your submission on a laptop as it's easier than phone to upload links.


9/17 UPDATE - All positions have been booked. If you would like to be added to my database for potential future opportunities feel free to still fill out the form below. 

Please read the FAQ below completely before clicking the submit button.

~Nicole ThePole 


What shows are you booking for and what type of dancers?

I am booking 1-2 dancers per show for the 4 dates listed below. You must be 21+. 
I am looking for pole dancers and heels/gogo dancers. 

9/19 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

9/21 - Cologne, Germany 

9/23 - Yerevan, Armenia

9/25 - Dublin, Ireland

How can I stay updated on what's going on? 

Sign up for post notifications on my instagram @Nicolethepole. Go to my profile page and click the Bell icon in upper right hand corner. And click the toggle for Posts, Stories and Reels so you get notifications on any updates I have regarding upcoming shows and last minute bookings. Tell your friends to do this as well. 

snoop european tour september 2023.jpg

Have any cities been fully booked yet?

When I have booked the 2 dancers for a specific city I will note it below on this page. I will not respond to messages asking if a city has been booked as it will be here.  If a city is not listed as booked that means you can still apply.  There is no deadline for applying except for when you see that the city you're interested in is booked!


- 9/19 Rotterdam (BOOKED)

- 9/21 Cologne (BOOKED)

- 9/23 Yerevan (BOOKED)

- 9/25 Dublin (BOOKED)

How do I submit? 

 - This is an online auditioning process. Read this entire FAQ before submitting above. You will fill out the google form with your basic info, answer some questions and include photo and video links. You'll also need to submit two freestyle audition videos to the Snoop songs listed on form or you can use previous videos from a Snoop show or performance. Your Snoop audition video should be a minimum of 2 minutes or longer of a freestyle or a past video. If you have old videos of you from previous shows but the footage is not great or it's less than a minute, then you'll need to film new audition videos. 

What is call time for the day of show and are there any rehearsals?

Call time for shows will be between 530-6pm. There are no rehearsals. You will only need to come day of show.  You will be informed of your dance duties by phone in advance and will be taken through run of show day of when you arrive. 


Is this a paid gig? 

Yes it is. Your pay will range based on how many songs you perform to and whether you are doing pole dance or just gogo/heels.  You will not dance to entire show. Dancers only have specific songs that we dance to and you will see that set list on the day of show.  The songs we dance to are also listed on the google form.  

Is Travel Covered?

I am looking for local dancers but you can live in a different country. You are responsible for your travel as a local dancer.  Local means you can drive or take a train to the available city.  We are only covering travel for dancers who are in nearby countries for the Armenia show.  Please look up in advance how many hours flight would be and costs.  I'd prefer dancers who are within 8-9 hours of Yerevan, Armenia. 

** IMPORTANT SUBMISSION TIPS & NOTES on what I'm looking for:

Be sure to perform to the music live, do not overlay music after in an edit.  Make sure the speaker is close to the recording device. Feel free to have some friends to watch and add some hype and cheer if that helps you perform better. 

You're gonna be performing with a hip hop artist and to rap songs, make sure your performance goes with the music. Be in tune and connect with the music and hit the beats & create moments, musicality matters if you want to stand out amongst your peers.  If you don't connect with the music or show personality you won't stand out no matter how advanced and amazing your tricks are. Give me energy, swag, style, showmanship and most of all I need to see and feel your personality/essence.  I've seen a lot of submissions and people are not connecting with the music and just dancing over it, or they're are rushing, trying to do tricks that require too much effort or it's too show girl with no edge or swag (That makes it Boring!).  Take your time, there is no rush and you can film for 2min or more. Please perform, don't be robotic, this is a performance not a competition!  Bring your best freestyle. Don't choreograph if it's gonna look choreographed.  I don't care about super advanced level tricks, I care that you can perform a wide variety of tricks of all levels that look great on stage and that match the music, you can get into them with ease and do them perfectly.  Stay away from tricks that take too long to get into. Be sure to add in some twerking for the booty shaking songs, have fun and look into the camera. Dancer should be able to stand out and create wow moments and engagement.  Performance should be 80% pole & 20% floor.  You will be performing on a pole stage for shows so audition as if you were on a pole stage or use a pole stage and pretend as if there is over 10,000 watching you. 

Can I resubmit my audition video if I feel the first one wasn't my best? 

- Be sure to save your submission on google form in case you need to do edits later. Yes you can if I haven't seen your submission yet. If I have already seen your audition then I won't know that you've made an update to your original submission. If you happen to do a new submission video, you'll need to message me on Instagram to let me know you've updated your form with a newer video. 

How will I be notified if I'm chosen or not chosen? 

 - You will only be notified if you are being considered as a potential dancer.  You will be notified by Whatsapp or Text with the number you enter on the form.  There will be no response to messages asking if you've been booked or when I'm booking.  You will not be notified if not chosen. Please download whatsapp to your phone as this may be how you are contacted. 

What is a Standby Dancer?

 - I may choose one standby dancer for certain shows in case a dancer is unable to perform or if 2 dancers are open to splitting a set. 

Will you post when a specific city has been booked with all dancers? 

 - Yes, I will post here to this page.  Just know that if you don't see any mention about a city being booked here on this page then that means it's still open and you can still submit.  If a city has not been booked that means you could still be an option as Im narrowing down my choices.  Sometimes I may not have a dancer picked till 1-2 days before the show. 

How long are you accepting audition submissions?

 - Until I book dancers for each specific city and until it's listed above that the city is booked. First come first serve! You can submit till it says a city is booked above. I cannot tell you when a city will be booked or how much time you have to submit.  Some cities may be booked far in advance and some could be a week or days before the show but it will always be listed above. 

Do I need to be a professional pole dancer? 

 - No you do not. However you do need to be able to perform at a professional level and be a high quality dancer/performer. You should have experience performing on spinning pole and on a pole stage. You need to have a wide vocabulary of moves and the stamina and endurance to get you through a show performing to 5-8 songs. You definitely need to be an advanced dancer. I do not care about how fancy your tricks are or the level, the most important thing is that you are a well rounded performer and you have a wide vocabulary of tricks from all levels that can get you through several songs in one show.  DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not a skilled dancer, beginner or int level, or your lines and transitions are not clean yet. Same applies for gogo and heels dancers.  I need to save my time and energy looking at submissions for experienced dancers. 

Do dancers supply their own costumes and makeup?

Yes, you must have your own performance costumes, attire, shoes, etc.  For pole dancers that is pole dance attire, sexy performance wear and heels. For gogo/heels dancers, bring cute boy shorts, leotards, 2 piece outfits, jean shorts, biker shorts and cute performance tops or bra tops. You will be doing your own makeup and hair.  It is recommended that you do your makeup & hair at home before leaving to arrive to show as some venues may not have proper mirror and lighting to do hair and makeup. 

Are you looking for any other types of performers?

 - No, I am not.  I am booking pole dancers, gogo/heels only!  However, if you have other special skills or talents that could be used on stage such as hip hop or contemporary dance, gymnastics or contortion, there will be a place to list that on the submission form. 

Can I rent my pole stage? 

 - We do not need pole stages. 

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