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Dancer Submissions

Hello and welcome to the Submissions page for pole dancers for Snoop Dogg's International Tour for March 2023.  Please read all the details below before submitting and have fun with your audition video.
I look forward to seeing your work!  Thank You :-)

~Nicole ThePole 


Only fill out this form if you can perform at one of the listed tour dates (schedule below) in Australia, New Zealand, UK & Europe. I am booking dancers local or near by to each city/country or those visiting.  I am not accepting submissions or responding to any messages about any other shows. 

The Google form will collect your basic info, locations you want to perform, and allow you to upload all of your photos and video links, etc.

** Please READ the entire FAQ before submitting and do all steps as requested on form.


What shows are you booking for?

I am booking dancers for the shows listed below ONLY.  I am not booking for anything else at this time.  I will not be responding to messages about any other dates.

Have any cities been fully booked yet?

When a city is fully booked I will update this page as official notice. I will not respond to messages asking if a city has been booked as it will be here.  Do not bombard me with unnecessary DMs/emails. I most likely won't answer as I need to save my mental bandwidth! 


  • All dates through March 19th are Booked.

  • All other dates are open until listed below

How do I submit

 - Read the entire FAQ first.  You will then click the "Submit Here" button above and fill out the google form with your basic info, answer some questions and upload 3 photos and 3 video links. You'll also need to submit one audition video to one of the Snoop Dogg songs listed on form.

** SUBMISSION TIPS on what I'm looking for (IMPORTANT):

Be sure to perform to the music live, do not overlay music after.  Feel free to have some friends to add some hype and cheer if that helps you perform better. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You're gonna be performing with a hip hop artist and to rap songs, this is not a burlesque show so please work on making your style go with the music. Be in tune and connect with the music and hit some beats or moments, musicality matters if you want to stand out amongst your peers.  If you don't connect with the music and show personality you won't stand out no matter how amazing your tricks are.  Give me energy, swag, style, showmanship and most of all I need to see and feel your personality/essence.  I've been seeing a lot of submissions and people are not connecting with the music and just dancing over it, people are rushing, or it's too show girl with no edge or swag (That makes it Boring!).  Take your time, there is no rush (Your audition video should be a min of 2min or more). And please perform and not be robotic, this is for a performance not a competition!  I don't care about super advanced level tricks, I care that you can perform a wide variety of tricks of all levels that look great on stage, you can get into them with ease and do them perfectly.  Stay away from tricks that take too long to get into. Dancer should be able to stand out and create wow moments and engagement.  80% pole & 20% floor.  You will be performing on a pole stage for show so audition as if you were on a pole stage. 

Can I resubmit my audition video if I feel the first one wasn't my best? 

- You sure can! You have the ability to edit your original submission. So when you add that new video to the video submission box, please put the new video first and make a notation next to video link that it is the resubmission video so I don't waste time looking at previously submitted videos.  

How will I be notified if I'm chosen or not chosen? 

 - You will only be notified if you are being considered as a potential dancer.  You will be notified by Whatsapp with the number you enter on the form.  There will be no response to messages asking if you've been booked. If a city has not been booked and listed above that means you could still be an option as Im narrowing down my choices.

What is a Standby Dancer?

 - I will be choosing one standby dancer for each show in case a dancer is unable to perform.  Also, there are some shows I may plan on performing at but could be fatigued and need a rest when the actual day rolls around or I may wanna do a half show. So a standby dancer would take my place in that scenario or split a set with me. I would let dancer know at least day before or morning day of at the latest if they will be coming off standby or not. Do not say yes to standby if you have other important plans that you could be doing as it's not a guaranteed you'll be picked. However, it does leave room for a possibility. 

Will you post when a specific city has been booked with all dancers? 

 - Yes, I will either post here to this webpage or on my IG story & IG Highlights. If you don't see any mention about a city being booked here on this page then that means it's still open. Do not message me asking if a city has been booked yet, I wont reply as it will be listed here. 

How long are you accepting audition submissions?

 - Until I book dancers for each specific city and until it's listed here that that city is booked. First come first serve! 

Do I need to be a professional dancer? 

 - No you do not. However you do need to be able to perform at a professional level and be a high quality dancer/performer. You should have experience performing and on a pole stage. You need to have a wide vocabulary of moves and the stamina and endurance to get you through a show with several performances. 

How many songs do the dancers perform to? 

 - Depending on the length of show, it will usually range from about 5-7 songs and they are usually shortened versions. 

How many dancers per show? 

 - There are 4 dancers per show.

Can I rent my pole stage? 

 - Yes, every venue will need pole stages.  If you have pole stages or know someone that does, please send me an email asap and put "Pole rental for Snoop tour" in subject line. Please Include your name, phone number, city and date(s) you can supply poles for, list how many poles you have available and the brand. 


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