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The No Basic Zone Series is for Experienced Intermediate & Advanced Students. You must be able to climb the pole and do inversions with ease. You’ll learn some of Nicole’s signature tricks that were featured in her Pour it Up Audition Video, The Making of Pour it Up Video and the Official Pour it Up Video. This series is very in-depth and Nicole spends a lot of time breaking down the movements with her humorous & witty instruction which makes it easier and more to fun to learn. You’ll witness real students learning with you so you can see the difficulties that you may encounter as well the triumphant moments of success. 
If you’re ready to take it to the next level, get ready to enter… The No Basic Zone.


Video Instruction Includes: Full Body Warm Up, Stretching & Strength Training Exercises. 

Volume 1 Pole Tricks Included: Fallback Spin, Rockstar, Deadman Body Spiral, Air Twerking, Ballerina w/ Leg Variations, Air Walk (w/ 3 hand grips), Shoulder Mount Air Walk, Cupid Combo, Ayesha (w/ Twerkin, Leg Claps & Wiggle), Multi Move Combo, Illusionist, Titanic.


Volume 2 Pole Tricks Included: Scorpio w/ Foot Grab, Shoulder Mount w/ Hydraulics, 5 Move Combo, Super Power Combo, Knee Hold to Scorpio Drop, Surf Rider (Doubles Trick), Death Drop w/ Pushup, Handspring (w/ Reg. Grip, Rev Cup Grip & Twisted Grip), Phoenix, Ceiling Stand and Death Lay.

The No Basic Zone Series (2 DVDs)

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