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If you have any questions prior to ordering (310) 343-9757 10a - 8p PST. 


The X-STAGE Lite can be set up anywhere with a 10.5ft height clearance with no permanent ceiling required (shorter extensions available if you don’t have the minimum clearance). It also features spinning & static modes. 


The X-Stage Lite is only 4 inches off the ground increasing the amount of workable pole to 9ft 8in! The X-Stage Lite has carrying cases for the pole, plates, and base frame. The base frame case comes with wheels so transporting your X-Stage has never been easier. For extra stability you can extend the legs and add weight plates to the posts on the frame.


IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING INDOOR CEILING HEIGHTS: To use the stage indoors w/ the standard pole, your ceilings must be 10'6" or higher.  For shorter ceilings you will need to order an additional shorter extension.  See info below to order extensions for your ceiling height. Please call me with any questions on extensions and height before making your order at (310) 343 9757. 


For Ceilings lower than 10ft. you'll need to purchase an additional shorter extension. Measure the ceiling height of the room and choose one of the extensions below

  • Order 1000mm extension to clear a 9ft ceiling
  • Order 750mm extension to clear a 8ft ceiling
  • Order 500mm extension to clear a 7ft ceiling



  • Main Frame – (65 lbs)
    • 1600mm (5’3″) circular stage floor – no sharp corners or flat sides
    • Completely foldable – main frame folds into a bag with wheels.
    • 2 complete X-Stages will fit in a standard sized car
  • 2 Sets of Stage Panels – 3 black plates & 3 plates with X-Pole Logo
    • 6 easy to fit floor panels that lock into place (no tools needed)
  • Main Pole A – bottom pole
  • Main Pole B – top pole
  • 250mm X-Joint
  • Carrying cases for
    • Stage frame (includes 2 wheels for easy transportation)
    • 2 Floor panel frames (fits 3 panels per case)
    • Pole



  • Pole Diameter: 45mm (1.75”)
  • Pole Finish: Chrome
  • Stage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3”)
  • Overall Height: 3m (10’)
  • Stage Height: 4″
  • Useable Pole: 9’8″
  • Weight (approx): X-Stage Complete 209Lbs (in carry cases)
  • Main Frame: 65Lbs
  • Stage Panels: 114Lbs (2 Sets @ 57Lbs each)
  • Pole Tubes: 30Lbs



  • Spinning/Static Option – included at no extra cost
  • Stability – extremely stable, most moves can be done without extra weight
  • Extension Stabilizers – increase stability without the need for additional weight
  • Weight Posts – allow for the addition of ‘optional’ bar bell weights.
  • Adjustable Feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors
  • Silicone Base Pads – to prevent the stage from sliding and to protect the floor from damage

X-Stage Lite

  • Delivery Cost for the Xstage via Fedex is $325 within the US only.  No International Shipping on Pole Orders. 
    **For HAWAII, ALASKA & PUERTO RICO & APO please call for a custom quote. (310) 343 9757 (10a - 8p PST). 

    If you live in LA, the Valley or within 1 hour of LA, we may be available to pickup and deliver to you for less than shipping fee. If you would like to save time on receiving your order, money and get a free in home pole setup, please call to schedule this before placing your order. 

    Delivery & Setup fee is $250 (Savings of $75 and get your pole sooner)

    : Pickups are only available by appointment Mon thru Fri 10am - 4pm and will be picked up at Xpole warehouse in North Hollywood.  You must call me to schedule a pick up at 310 343 9757.  Pick up same day may not be avalable so do not order online if you are depending on same day pickup, call first to see if this is possible.  


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