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Hello and welcome to the home of Celebrity Pole Dance Icon Nicole ThePole and owner of Allure Dance LA.  You've seen her on the Ellen Show, Access Hollywood and performing in music videos with some of the biggest stars in the Industry such as Cardi B "Money" , Rihanna "Pour it Up", Neyo - "She Knows", Bruno Mars - "Gorilla", Ludacris, Chris Brown, Rae Sremmurd & Nicki Minaj in "Throw Sum Mo", DJ Khaled - "How Many Times" and much more.  Get ready to learn from a woman who's life is a true testimony of the benefits and transformation that one can experience from this Beautiful, Athletic, Empowering and Sexy art form for women of any age, size or background.  As a pioneer in the pole dance industry Nicole is one of the elite instructors with a background in personal training, multiple sports and is also a certified life coach who truly empowers her students through Mind, Body & Spirit in all her lessons.


Are you ready to connect with your inner divine feminine and exude Confidence, Strength & Power?

If so, I'd love to guide you on your journey of self exploration. If you've found me and connect with my spirit then that means you're ready for a full on Mind, Body & Spirit transformation. I love helping people realize how capable and powerful they truly are. I watch with joy  in my heart my students get stronger each week, face their fears and get to witness their eyes light up when they get a pole trick or learn a routine that they used to think was impossible. I love witnessing their growth and helping them realize not only how strong & sexy they are but how powerful their minds are. That literally feeds my soul and it's why I do what I do.  I'm here to unlock the magic for you and make it easy and fun. This is the workout that actually takes you on a journey and experience you'll actually look forward to every week!


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Enjoy a private lesson for Pole Dance, Strip Tease, Erotic Dance & Personal Training.  With Nicole ThePole as your Sensual & Spiritual Guide you'll feel comfortable to be your authentic self or discover it in a supportive & fun atmosphere. 

Parties are the perfect way to celebrate with your friends for any occasion. You can design your party and choose from pole dance, erotic dance, strip tease, twerking or chair & lap dance.  Parties can be booked in studio, your home or other offsite location.

Online tutorials are the perfect opportunity to learn from me if you live in another city, state or country. You'll get access to hundreds of pole & dance tutorials from me & your other favorite pole stars, with monthly updates.




To see what state/country I'll be traveling to next to teach my signature pole dance & coaching workshops please sign up for my newsletter and click below to go see my upcoming Workshop schedule.  And if you'd like me to teach at your studio please send an email or have your studio owner contact me using the contact form below with your studio name, city and state or country, studio website, social media handles and email address.

Nicole ThePole in Ayesha Hold
Nicole ThePole in pike pose
Nicole ThePole in knee hold
Nicole ThePole in pole sit
Nicole ThePole in shoulder mount
Nicole ThePole in inside leg hang
Nicole ThePole in illusionist pose
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Nicole ThePole in pole sit



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