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     Nicole ThePole's Instructional DVD series is perfect for the Pole Virgin, Beginner, Intermediate, and newly Advanced Students who want to effectively & safely learn and take their pole game to the next level.  There are 6 videos included and all videos have 8-12 tricks in each video.  Each video is literally less than the cost of a pole class and each videos covers up to 2-3 months worth of lessons in a studio setting. 

Volumes 1 and 2 no longer come in DVD and will be sent via email as a digital download and volumes 3 and 4 will be sent as (4) DVDs. 


Volume 1 - This video is the perfect way for beginners to slowly enter the world of sexy movement for pole dancing or for enhancing your feminine and graceful side. Learn how to walk, move your hips, flip your hair and slide your body across the floor with sensuality.


Volume 2 - Pole Tricks Included: Pole Spins Included: Firefly, Around the World, Straight Leg, Sunwheel, Floater, Front Hook, Front Hook Kick, Ballerina, Back Hook, Chair Spin, Chair Spin Variations, V Spin & Chair Spin w/ Back Hook Combo.


Volume 3, Pt 1: Cocoon, Firefly Stand, Candy Cane, Corkscrew, Fireman Kick, Flirty Firefly, Carousel, Cradle, Ice Skater & Reverse Sunwheel.


Volume 3, Pt 2: Pole Tricks Included: Flying Pike, Handstand, Horizontal Lay, Kerri Lee, Martini, Sitting Lady, Teddy Bear, Vertical Split, V Spin & Body Spiral.


Volume 4, Pt 1: Figure 4, Bow & Arrow, Layout, Crucifix, Inversion, Bodywave, Scorpion, Jade Split.


Volume 4, Pt 2: Pole Tricks Included: Butterfly, Superwoman, Helicopter, Brass Monkey, Caterpillar, Reverse Shoulder Mount, Handspring & Twisted Handspring.


     If you have been taking classes in studio or learning at home this 6 video series will help in so many ways. Learn correct technique, proper form, and much more all in the comfort of your home. You'll learn enough moves to cover over a year of pole classes in less time. 

     These instructional DVDs are also great for Pole Instructors or students who want to become instructors as you'll learn how to break down dozens of pole tricks & how to communicate the moves safely & effectively to your students.

The Sexy Fitness Series (6 Videos) Beg - Adv Level 1

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